About Us

Welcome to UniKtard , an amazing new garment, guaranteed to be your new favorite yoga and wardrobe staple! The design idea was born almost accidentally during a yoga retreat in the Italian Hills of Tuscany. Susan “Kiki” Redwine, a longtime student of yoga, fitness and overall health and wellness, was attending a yoga retreat given by renowned, yoga-fitness guru and lifestyle coach, Sadie Nardini in the summer of 2013. Sadie casually mentioned that she loved unitards, but not the hassle of getting in and out of them. Kiki, having previous clothing design and seamstress experience, simply announced that she’d design one just for Sadie! And the rest… is history!

UniKtard (pronounced “unique-tard”) has blossomed into a yoga/exercise/wardrobe staple for virtually everyone and every body type. UniKtard is proudly made of eco-friendly bamboo cotton lycra and is manufactured in Arcata, California, USA. The creative and versatile design provides an extremely flattering, 2-piece garment that maximizes not only the ease of getting dressed and undressed, but the way it can be worn as well. It also comes in three styles: full, ankle length, capri or shorty. The pieces can be worn snapped together as a UniKtard, unsnapped for bare midriff, or separately – either under other garments or as layers thereby creatively melding into other wardrobe ensembles. The unique design and luxurious fabric will amaze you as it affords both a fabulous fit and freedom and access to your body not experienced when wearing a traditional unitard. Kiki has designed sizing for all body-types (Petite, Short, Regular, Tall) in all of the traditional standard sizes: Petite, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. With proper size selection, the UniKtard will flatter virtually every woman’s body while exhilarating the wearer with the sumptuously, extravagant feel of the buttery, bamboo-cotton fabric.

Kiki’s exceptional life experiences have brought her to this place where she is abundantly grateful, most especially for the gift of being able to design and give back to the universe in such a meaningful way.

From living in Southern California, where she worked as an aerobics instructor and a seamstress (even designing a successful line of aerobic wear and unitards in the 1980’s); to marketing and sales for a myriad of professional businesses, including interior designers and architects; to living in the gorgeous, northern California Redwood Coast (Arcata, CA); to sailing with her husband in warm Mexican waters during the winter; to yoga and meditation retreats around the globe…. Kiki’s work experience and world travels have certainly been an integral part of her journey. She has enormous creativity, a generous heart, infectious enthusiasm and a genuine love for all people. She sees each challenge she has faced in her life as an important lesson being delivered, and she refuses to ever consider herself a victim – instead choosing to actively search for the lesson using her spiritual tools and meditation practice each and every day. She promotes a healthy, calm and centered lifestyle – devoid of stress, anger or other forms of negativity – and instead spreads the message of positive attitude, happiness and gratitude, acceptance and most importantly…. love of self.

Even though UniKtard was designed originally for her yogi, Sadie Nardini… she soon found she couldn’t keep them in stock when she showed her prototypes, and realized that this was a truly special gift she could share with others. Kiki proudly presents her passion for life in introducing her UniKtard to the world.

***Kiki wants to give special thanks to Sadie Nardini (www.sadienardini.com) for her continued support and inspiration for all that is yoga and beyond. Without that retreat in Tuscany and Sadie’s continued support, love and encouragement, UniKtard would not have been born. Kiki would also love to give thanks to all of her family and friends for their unconditional support and encouragement towards making this idea… this concept …. into a reality. “Much love and appreciation to all” and “ may you always find your way “ …. as Kiki would say…“be unique every day, in your own way, no matter what other people say.”